Friday, May 23, 2014

Custom Abutment Upgrades

Several months ago we upgraded our zirconia custom abutments. We began infiltrating a dentin shade throughout the abutment and adding a pink hue below the finishline, so that the abutment is less visible on patients with thin biotype or tissue recession.

Now, on select titanium abutments  and on all hybrid bars, we are anodizing - a process of releasing an anode/hydrogen and cathode/aluminum current through the titanium. This electronic concentration can produce an array of colors, determined by the amount of voltage applied. The process changes the surface of the abutment without adding any thickness, and produces a chameleon effect on the metal substructure to help provide more esthetic restorations. Yellow and pink are the two colors we utilize.
Anodizing is used in ma

ny industries as a safe alternative to coatings. If you wish to be excluded from this new standard, please indicate on your work authorization or call your technical consultant.

We are not charging for any of these product upgrades, but we believe these small changes will have a big effect on the success of the restoration.

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