Thursday, July 30, 2015

Monolithic Zirconia in the Anterior?

By now you’ve seen anterior BruxZir advertised in the dental journals. Did you ever think fullcontour zirconia would be indicated for anterior restorations? Although the new BruxZir is only ½ the strength, it is much more translucent and is specifically designed for anteriors. 

We are producing this product now, along with our TLZ for anteriors, and although it is still new, there is promise in translucent zirconia; we will keep you updated.

Did You Know that ROE is a Leading Provider of Surgical Guides?

Since 2004 ROE has produced more than 12,000 surgical guides for a national and international clientele. Today, guided surgery is accessible for all doctors wishing to place implants. Our simple protocols work with practically any treatment situation. The process is so efficient that with most cases the office simply provides a CT scan (with patient biting on cotton rolls), master or digital impressions, and a bite. In a few days we are on-line with you planning the final position of the implants. A few days later your guide arrives with a simple-to follow Drill Report, applicable for any implant system. Complex cases may require a diagnostic work-up, which will add one more appointment. Call for your CT Welcome Package today.

What’s new with Guided Surgery this year?

• We unveiled our new improved CombiGuide II – a
two-piece bone reduction osteotomy guide for quick
accurate surgery. Images can be viewed on the
Surgical Guide page on our website.

• ROE has been selected as a Premier 3Shape
Implant Studio Laboratory in the USA. For Implant
Studio users, this means domestic support, training,
and easy-to-order guide sleeves.

• Digital impression scans are accepted for quicker
turnaround, lower cost, and model-free guide cases.

ROE On-Line Saves Time

ROE clients now have online access to their cases where they can view current case status and return dates, check case history, and even add images, DICOM, and other files … all of this from a computer or device! This is a great solution to today’s demand for communication. If you would like access to your account, and have worked with us in 2015, email and request “online access”. We will email you an invitation promptly. If you have not worked with us this year, visit our web site, click the “Upload” link on the top right of the home page, click the Red Button “I am new to ROE” and create an account. If you are a Dentrix DDX customer you will be automatically connected. Search for ROE in your DDX account and start sharing your digital fi les and records today. Send your E4D fi les, photographs, Rx’s etc. (Is this last sentence complete?)
 ROE web site log in page

Beyond All-On-4 - The RAPID Appliance / CombiGuide

The All-On-4 protocol has become very popular and successful. Patients can predictably leave the surgical
visit with a new, fixed, provisional prosthesis and enjoy an improved quality of life. According to plan, the patient should now have an ideal set-up and VDO. The patient enjoys this provisional for a few months and returns for the final prosthesis. At this point, we ask the question: If the provisional denture was well thought-out, and the patient is comfortable with the prosthesis, why start all over again with implant-level impressions and bite blocks, why not work from what is established and accepted? Our RAPID (ROE Advanced Prosthetic Implant Device) is our answer to this question.

With the RAPID we've developed a chairside procedure that allows us to create a master cast and capture tooth position, the VDO, and verified implant position on the day of surgery! With these records, during the first restorative appointment the doctor will simply reline our RAPID Appliance with impression material to capture the healed tissue surface. From this impression, we skip 3 clinical appointments and progress right to the tooth set-up and bar fabrication. The case is tried-in, reset if needed, and taken to completion. We think this is an excellent method of saving time and appointments, reducing variables and significantly increasing profi tability. If you restore or place implants using an immediate All-On-4,5,6 protocol, we encourage you to call us to discuss how the RAPID appliance can accelerate the restoration of the final hybrid or Prettau bridge.

CombiGuide II

One Step Further
ROE will soon announce a product called the CombiGuide for All-On-4, which will
revolutionize the All-On-4 surgical visit, and facilitate a much quicker surgery and rapid conversion process. For surgery, the doctor will receive a bone model, two-piece bone reduction/osteotomy guide (image to the right), transfer and seating bites, and an immediate flange-free provisional that is seated via the bites, rather than jaw manipulation. We will  also provide an immediate conventional denture as a backup, when initial torque is not achieved. We will explain

PALA & Avadent Digital Dentures - Amazing Technology

We are proud to be one of only two laboratories in the country to offer both PALA and Avadent Digital Dentures. With either of these systems, two and three appointment dentures are now possible.

Often, patients have dentures with worn teeth and/or multiple repairs. They may like their dentures, but it is time for an update. With Avadent, a doctor can use a patient’s existing denture as a guide to fabricate the ideal denture. When these cases present, the denture can be duplicated using a Lang duplicator, to be washed with medium- or light-body polyvinyl, and border-molded. This, along with an opposing

model and full-arch bite, are sent to our laboratory to be scanned and digitized. If you are local,
you can complete the wash impression and bite and send the patient to us for a convenient 45-minute scan. Be sure to schedule this appointment.

Avadent offers milled and, now, color gradated teeth for added strength. This is our standard for hybrid and overdenture cases when vertical space is limited. Please visit our web site for examples of our fine work

With PALA, from Hereaus Kulzer, doctors can complete full dentures in 3 appointments. They also have the benefit of a trained Hereaus representative who provides all the necessary materials and over-the shoulder assistance free-of-charge! During the fi rst appointment, all the records are captured using special trays that perform a Gothic Arch tracing. Then, PALA uses algorithms calculated from twenty-six anatomical landmarks to digitally create the ideal tooth position. During the second appointment the patient tries-in a 3-D printed, resin prototype of the final denture. At this point adjustments can be made for a second try-in, or simply taken to finish. We are excited to be a digital partner and have seen very
promising results.

CONUS Overdentures - A New Development

For many years ROE has fabricated the Conus Overdenture using CAD 4 degree tapered abutments combined with Locators for a rigid, retentive, removable overdenture that is hygienically friendly and durable. Now, Atlantis offers a system called the Conus Concept. This is a ROE-fabricated all-acrylic overdenture (recommended with FiberForce® or metal substrate) that utilizes 4 or more precision-milled, friction-fi t, Atlantis telescopic abutments and copings. These abutments are either stock or custom, depending upon the angle of the implants. When implants are parallel, stock parts are ordered. This product is a patient- and doctor-pleaser. The parts are not subject to wear and therefore require little maintenance. When restoring a case with minimal VDO, Conus can be combined with a milled Avadent denture for added strength.

PCC - Milled Copings We’d Like You to Try

When ordering PFM’s, we’d like you to consider porcelain-fused-to-chrome cobalt (PCC), a restoration we’ve been raving about for more than a year. PCC copings are precisionmilled, utilizing intuitive software that produces copings far superior to any conventional casting. There is no porosity or miscasting and no margin finishing errors. There are clear transitions on bands, precise die space, and great fit. And, because PCC is a well tested base metal, there is considerable cost savings. We hope you’ll make the switch from your current alloy to PCC.