Monday, February 25, 2013

Transmucosal Abutments What are they and how do they help?

Transmucosal or multi-unit abutments are permanent abutments used to bring the restorative platform of an implant from the bone level to the tissue level. Rather than struggle with ‘sluffing’ tissue around the implant during restorative and maintenance procedures, these abutments support and protect the tissue. They are very effective when multiple implants are placed in deep, thin biotype tissue. With these abutments, implant frameworks can be removed without the need to temporarily reinsert tissue-supporting healing-cuffs. Implant companies sell special multi-unit healing-cover-caps to protect the screw holes during the various procedures. In fact, these caps must be used
Transmucosal Abutments
during the framework construction phase to protect the exposed portion of the abutment. Other benefits of transmucosal include redirecting the trajectory of the prosthetic screws to more esthetic or functional direction, correcting angles of divergently placed implants to allow easier case-seating, and assisting with determining framework passivity.

Capturing impressions with multi-unit abutment transfer-copings is simpler than implant-level impressions, and prevents many time-consuming challenges inherent in complex cases. When ordering transmucosal abutments, be sure to include the special impression-transfers and healing-cover-caps. If you need assistance, or have questions about ordering, please call us.


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