Monday, December 12, 2016

DigiDenture – An Economy Digital Denture that Yields Outstanding Prosthetics

As an Avadent and PALA partner laboratory, with over three years of providing digital dentures, we strongly believe in the development of computer-aided design for full dentures, and feel this is the future standard practice. So far, in lieu of the premium price, the results have been very good. To improve upon this technology, ROE has unveiled a new, amazing product called DigiDenture, which employs conventional records, to deliver a high-quality, efficiently-created denture, with an economy denture price.

DigiDenture, with economy teeth, provides a perfect solution for affordable dentures. It begins with conventional bite blocks, rather than the tedious Gothic Arch tracers of the aforementioned systems. Our system uses traditional bite blocks and master casts. Once the records are scanned and become virtual, ROE creates an amazingly accurate digital set-up and a fully printed, white resin denture for the try-in. Tooth position, bite, and fit are verified or adjusted as needed at the dental office and returned for final processing. The final product includes premium processing with Ivocap and plastic teeth. The savings is realized by the laboratory fabricating the CAD white denture, in place of the labor-intensive, manual set-up process.

If you are wondering how the patient will react to trying-in a white denture, put your worries at ease. After completing thousands of white resin try-ins, Kulzer Dental found patients focus more on the fit, tooth position, comfort, and suction of the prosthetic rather than the color. Tooth cards, containing the actual teeth selected, are provided for this appointment to share with the patient.

If you provide dentures for patients who are limited by government or insurance remuneration, we highly encourage you to try this product - an outstanding denture at a great price. 

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