Monday, December 12, 2016

GuidedSMILE – The Digital All-On-4 Solution

Offices involved with full-mouth, implant-supported cases should consider GuidedSMILE. Although most All-On-4 type cases are predominantly completed free-hand, there is a growing regard for a CBCT guided solution. GuidedSMILE, a proprietary and complete surgical package, can reduce surgical time to a third of the conventional non-guided approach, while improving accuracy.

The GuidedSMILE package includes bone reduction, osteotomy, and abutment guidance, and pre-converted PMMA provisional, all anchored using the same bone-pin sites. GuidedSMILE follows ROE’s classic CT planning work-up. Utilizing a CBCT scan and master casts, ROE digitally transforms the patient, proposing a new ideal tooth arrangement and implant locations. During a pre-surgical, scheduled web conference, implant locations are finalized, and necessary surgical and restorative components are discussed. The surgery is very straightforward. GuidedSMILE applies a 4-guide process. Guide One sets the pins with which all three subsequent guides are anchored. This unique pin-guide is the key to ensuring the subsequent guides and provisional are accurately seated. Once it is removed, the teeth are extracted and the second guide is anchored for precise bone reduction. Guide Three directs the drills for angulation and depth. Then, abutments and temporary cylinders are placed. Guide Four is the PMMA provisional that is luted to the cylinders and picked up for quick, final adjustment. The unique system allows the last three guides to be seated using the pins only, meaning the guide itself floats above the bone for ease of seating. This is particularly helpful with the bone reduction guide.

In our experience, following many hundreds of All-On-4 cases, both traditional and digital, GuidedSMILE is the best method of delivering accurate prosthetics the same day of surgery. We are excited to share this technique with you. Please call to discuss GuidedSMILE.


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