Thursday, July 30, 2015

CONUS Overdentures - A New Development

For many years ROE has fabricated the Conus Overdenture using CAD 4 degree tapered abutments combined with Locators for a rigid, retentive, removable overdenture that is hygienically friendly and durable. Now, Atlantis offers a system called the Conus Concept. This is a ROE-fabricated all-acrylic overdenture (recommended with FiberForce® or metal substrate) that utilizes 4 or more precision-milled, friction-fi t, Atlantis telescopic abutments and copings. These abutments are either stock or custom, depending upon the angle of the implants. When implants are parallel, stock parts are ordered. This product is a patient- and doctor-pleaser. The parts are not subject to wear and therefore require little maintenance. When restoring a case with minimal VDO, Conus can be combined with a milled Avadent denture for added strength.

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  1. Do you have information on a material called trulio that can be used as the framework on a conus concept denture?