Thursday, July 30, 2015

Did You Know that ROE is a Leading Provider of Surgical Guides?

Since 2004 ROE has produced more than 12,000 surgical guides for a national and international clientele. Today, guided surgery is accessible for all doctors wishing to place implants. Our simple protocols work with practically any treatment situation. The process is so efficient that with most cases the office simply provides a CT scan (with patient biting on cotton rolls), master or digital impressions, and a bite. In a few days we are on-line with you planning the final position of the implants. A few days later your guide arrives with a simple-to follow Drill Report, applicable for any implant system. Complex cases may require a diagnostic work-up, which will add one more appointment. Call for your CT Welcome Package today.

What’s new with Guided Surgery this year?

• We unveiled our new improved CombiGuide II – a
two-piece bone reduction osteotomy guide for quick
accurate surgery. Images can be viewed on the
Surgical Guide page on our website.

• ROE has been selected as a Premier 3Shape
Implant Studio Laboratory in the USA. For Implant
Studio users, this means domestic support, training,
and easy-to-order guide sleeves.

• Digital impression scans are accepted for quicker
turnaround, lower cost, and model-free guide cases.

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