Thursday, July 30, 2015

PALA & Avadent Digital Dentures - Amazing Technology

We are proud to be one of only two laboratories in the country to offer both PALA and Avadent Digital Dentures. With either of these systems, two and three appointment dentures are now possible.

Often, patients have dentures with worn teeth and/or multiple repairs. They may like their dentures, but it is time for an update. With Avadent, a doctor can use a patient’s existing denture as a guide to fabricate the ideal denture. When these cases present, the denture can be duplicated using a Lang duplicator, to be washed with medium- or light-body polyvinyl, and border-molded. This, along with an opposing

model and full-arch bite, are sent to our laboratory to be scanned and digitized. If you are local,
you can complete the wash impression and bite and send the patient to us for a convenient 45-minute scan. Be sure to schedule this appointment.

Avadent offers milled and, now, color gradated teeth for added strength. This is our standard for hybrid and overdenture cases when vertical space is limited. Please visit our web site for examples of our fine work

With PALA, from Hereaus Kulzer, doctors can complete full dentures in 3 appointments. They also have the benefit of a trained Hereaus representative who provides all the necessary materials and over-the shoulder assistance free-of-charge! During the fi rst appointment, all the records are captured using special trays that perform a Gothic Arch tracing. Then, PALA uses algorithms calculated from twenty-six anatomical landmarks to digitally create the ideal tooth position. During the second appointment the patient tries-in a 3-D printed, resin prototype of the final denture. At this point adjustments can be made for a second try-in, or simply taken to finish. We are excited to be a digital partner and have seen very
promising results.


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