Wednesday, September 17, 2014

PFM's & Full Cast - A Whole New World

ROE pioneered CAD/CAM PFM’s over a decade ago using CAM printed plastic patterns. Now, many years later, thanks to sophisticated dental engineering, the majority of our full gold crowns and PFM restorations are manufactured using three of the industry’s state-of-the-art systems.

After the design stage, restorations are fabricated directly from the selected alloy, without investing or casting. The benefits to the dentist include low, flat fee, (except 55 Au) reduced fabrication time, dense porosity free castings, digital design file storage, unsurpassed alloy purity, and lot number traceability. Below is a brief summary of how three of our restorations are currently being produced.

Full Cast Crowns – Full-cast restorations are milled in Röders RXD5 machines from solid pucks of either yellow noble (2% Au) or yellow high noble (55% Au). The fit of these milled restorations is unmatched, and the porosity-free, metal blank provides incredible smoothness and density.

Base Metal PFM – Using our Datron D5, an amazing German milling machine, these restorations are sculpted from a solid puck of CoCr. Virtually any design is possible, including long-span bridges, rest seats, and some attachments. It is by far the strongest alloy we offer, and porcelain adhesion is excellent. Thanks to this robust milling machine, it is the finest PFM we offer.

Noble and High Noble PFMs – Created with Selective Laser Melting (SLM) this additive technology builds the coping layer-by-layer. The process is extremely accurate, creates less product-waste and saves time. Unlike some conventional castings, each set of copings is created from 100% new metal. Presently, these restorations are limited to 3 unit bridges.

Although all-ceramic restorations represent the most popular choice of our clients, metal-based restorations remain a proven option and an excellent choice for many situations. Rest assured, when you chose ROE, you and your patients are getting the most advanced restorations available.

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