Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sphero-Flex - A Solution for Divergent Implants

When a freestanding appliance is desired, but divergent implants present a challenge, Locators and O-Rings are not always the best option. Often, the total degree of divergency between all the implants is greater than the aforementioned attachments allow, or accommodate. In such a case, we recommend a unique product called Sphero Flex. This system uses compensating plastic sleeves (figure 2) to correct the angulation, and eliminate what the manufacturer, Rhein83, calls “insertion trauma”.
With this correction, the appliance should seat easily and the inserts will wear less.

As with other systems, collar height, space, and angulation must be determined prior to ordering the components. Please send an implant level impression and a duplicate of the patient’s appliance. If fabricating a new appliance, ROE will order the parts during the prosthetic development. 

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