Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Occlusal & Contact Issues - Simple as +/-

In order to minimize chairtime and maximize the value of our restorations, we have established an innovative system for communicating and implementing preferences for interproximal and occlusal contacts. Proximal contacts have been separated into two categories, ‘fit’ and ‘shape’. Proximal ‘fit’ determines the amount of contact ranging from ‘extra light’ to ‘tight’, and the ‘shape’ ranges from ‘point’ to ‘extra broad’.  Occlusal contact preferences focus on the amount of ‘resistance’ to the antagonist. The system is uncomplicated, from a communication perspective, and has been implemented in both our fabrication process and final quality-control evaluation. If you are interested in discussing your preferences and reducing chairtime, your Technical Consultant will provide information on our system and discuss how your feedback will refine our fixed restorations.

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