Friday, May 23, 2014

Cobalt/Chrome, the New Biocompatible PFM

Given the ability to mill extremely precise substructures with our Datron D5, ROE is introducing cobalt chrome (Co/Cr) as an excellent alloy for PFM restorations. There are many reasons to make the switch to Co/Cr. It has been a trusted alloy in dentistry since the 1940’s in tens of millions of restorations. The alloy has been the standard-of-care for PFM’s in Europe for many years. Co/Cr is a very strong alloy that is biocompatible and free from nickel and beryllium. All Co/Cr PFM restorations are produced with our new D5 high-tech milling machine. These CAD/CAM-designed, porosity-free copings are extremely precise. The days of waxing, investing, casting, divesting, and finishing are gone. Due to the elimination of so many variable-filled steps, greater predictability and accuracy are inevitable with milled PFM restorations. Once the copings are created, ceramists use traditional layering techniques to produce esthetic restorations.

Milled Co/Cr PFM restorations represent the most technologically advanced PFM restoration available. With the high cost of precious alloys, the flat fee of $150 per unit makes these restorations a great value. 

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  1. New technologies are awesome. They make human life easy and calm. I loved this one. Dentures are a very basic things, especially for older ones. They can't live without it. These types of technologies makes the task more easy.