Friday, May 23, 2014

Ultra-Z The Next Generation of Metal Free

ROE now offers the perfect combination of low-cost, high-strength, and esthetics. Resin-filled zirconia is being introduced to dentistry as the next-generation, monolithic restoration.  Ultra-Z is 20% nano-resin and 80% zirconia, yeilding high flexural strength. Ultra-Z also offers compressive strength of 480 MPa, which is the strongest of the esthetic ceramics on the market. Its unique material blend offers a high modulus of elasticity, which promises to prevent fracturing under stress. The resin filler also delivers a translucent effect that is not found in other monolithic materials of this strength.

Similar to monolithic zirconia, this material is primarily suitable  for posterior restorations.

Due to lower material cost, less laboratory production time, and no sintering requirement, Ultra-Z is available for only $79 per unit. 

Available Cusp Shades A1, A2, B1, C1. We can custom stain the body and gingival, but the cusp shades are limited at this point... more shades coming.

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