Friday, May 23, 2014

Datron D5 - Dental Milling at its Finest

If you would like to observe something impressive, stop by the laboratory to see our new milling machine. Weighing nearly a ton, our new 5-axis mill is something to behold. We could go on for pages about its 13-station tool changer with automatic length and tool-break sensor, or its 8-disk automation system for one hundred hours of uninterrupted milling, and all that might sound great. But, what is ultimately important to our customer is that, with the D5 onsite, we can consistanly deliver accuracy and fast turnaround time.

Purchasing this equipment is a serious investment in the future of CAD/CAM at ROE. The D5 was built from the ground up to meet the specific demands of the dental market for the production of complex tooth and implant geometries. The D5 mills materials within +/- 5ยต, which means extreme accuracy. In addition, we fabricate abutments, implant bars, copings and substructures more quickly than ever before. The D5 mills all dental materials, but we have dedicated  our new machine specifically to titanium and cobalt/chrome (read below). We are very excited to provide this level of engineering and sophistication to our clients.

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