Wednesday, June 15, 2016

MiniComfort Daytime Deprogrammer Great Survey Results & New Design

To better understand our customers and market, we solicited and completed MiniComfort trials with 140 of our clients. A prerequisite of the evaluation was that the “patient” must be the doctor, staff member or doctor’s spouse, and have some history of splint therapy. We were energized by the overwhelmingly positive the feedback. Nearly all participants agreed that MiniComfort provides ample tooth protection, that they would recommend the appliance, and that it is nearly undetectable when worn.

MiniComfort is a daytime, compliance-promoting, segmental oral appliances that does not affect speech. According to Dr. John Kline, the inventor of MiniComfort, people can only deprogram muscle activity during waking hours, which is why the MiniComfort so unique and effective.

Further, due to customer feedback and requests, this month we introduced MiniComfort 6.0, a heavier-duty version that offers more protection for the bruxing community.

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