Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Create the Ideal Implant Emergence

Today, implant-dentistry is all about the interdental tissue, emergence and esthetics. CBCT surgical guides are on the rise, facilitating ideal position, and custom abutments are the standard of care. Custom healing abutments are also becoming more popular. With all of these tools available, why does abutment design sometime miss the mark? Often, the ideal sulcus is not captured in the impression, and therefore not transferred to the soft tissue model. We would like to suggest a technique as a solution.
When a flared healing collar or custom healing abutment is removed, quickly screw down the impression post, capture an x-ray if needed, and fill the void between the post and the surrounding sulcus with composite. ROE will create a tissue moulage that duplicates the captured sulcus, then digitally create an abutment that meets tissue, or blanches, based upon doctor’s preference. All the work up to this point will not be in vain, and the ideal sulcus form should be achieved. On cases where the tissue contours have been idealized prior to taking the impression, please request “no blanching” on the work authorization.


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