Wednesday, June 15, 2016

DSD Partner Laboratory – Dr. Christian Coachman

ROE now offers a new service called Digital Smile Design (DSD) which is transforming the protocol for evaluating and testing cosmetic treatment. This is how it works. Provide five specific images (Full Face, Left and Right Profile, Retracted, and 12:00) and detailed design instructions. We will return a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation (please specify which you prefer) showing 2D renderings of the proposed design for your approval. After approval, we convert the 2D line drawings into a 3D design for final approval. Once you are pleased with the design, we print models of the 3D design and make technique-friendly, dual-layered matrices for temporization for an in-office mock-up to encourage treatment acceptance. Detailed information on this great new service and the future of diagnostic smile design is available on our website’s Shade & Smile page.

DSD was developed by Dr. Christian Coachman, an international smile design expert. If you’ve ever attended a course, or watched a DSD video of his digital analysis and patient presentation (, you’ll understand why ROE became a Partner Laboratory. Dentists have the ability to present glamourous before and after composite photographs and videos, incredibly visualized 3D work-ups, CAD/CAM models, and amazing in-office temps. ROE is bringing Dr. Coachman DSD-DAY seminar to our laboratory on Nov 2nd, 2016.

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