Wednesday, January 22, 2014

SureTemps – A Better Provisional

Provisional Restoration, Dental TemporaryToday’s technology allows dentists to use laboratory-fabricated provisionals for long-term treatment and diagnostic use. SureTemp provisionals, presently fabricated at ROE, are a significant improvement over pro-visionals made just a few years ago. These provisionals are either CAD-engineered, or designed from a template such as a wax-up or approved study model (by way of laser-scanning) and are milled using an industrially processed and cured acrylic called PEEK (Polymethylmethacrylate). PEEK is tooth-shaded to classic Vita shades, and can be stained or layered with pink acrylic to simulate gingiva. SureTemps are superior in every way to conventional acrylic temporaries. They are dense and durable, have improved morphology, and can be adjusted or added to with acrylic or composite. Because they are made with CAD/CAM, a replacement can be fabricated within 24 hours, should the need arise!

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