Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Root Tip – A Natural Abutment

When a partially edentulous case presents, and the coronial aspect of a tooth has been or will be lost, before removing the tooth root you may want to consider a tooth-borne attachment.  Using the root to retain an attachment, similar to how an implant is placed, is a conservative alternative, and can be accomplished using a Micro Era from Sterngold, or Locator or Zaag from Zest Anchors.

The technique is somewhat sensitive. To achieve optimal results we suggest discussing the design with us in advance of the preparation appointment. How you prepare the tooth and canal differs depending upon the attachment selection and which technique is chosen to create the impression and indirect, telescopic attachment. It is usually best to minimize the height of the attachment, allowing space for the prosthesis. In fact, when vertical dimension is limited it may be advantageous to use a direct-technique, eliminating the cast coping and bonding the attachment directly to the tooth structure and canal. With proper planning, this type of case design can be a great service to your patients. 

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