Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Partial Denture Digital Presentation

For the past four years ROE has employed CAD/CAM technology to create cast-partial dentures. Master casts are digitized and sophisticated software is used to create the final design. A stereo lithography framework pattern is then printed for casting. Our CAD-produced partial dentures are far superior to their hand-fabricated predecessors.

ROE has always provided a complimentary conventional survey and design service. The design is penciled on the study cast and returned for rest-seat preparation and final impression. Now, because of our high-tech approach, clients can send study casts and request a digital survey and design, which includes virtual teeth. This virtual work-up is emailed as a viewable 3D model that can be rotated to any view. The web-based preview can be shared with patients who may be particular about the design. The service even allows you to email a full-smile photograph of your patient to be used in the work-up. The patient photograph allows us to provide a 2D image of the final result, allowing the patient to be aware of clasping in the esthetic zone. This service is available for $25.

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