Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Spear Education – Class III Treatment

We were recently educated by Dr. Frank Spear on treatment options for Class III patients. These patients are usually offered 3 alternatives: maxillary or mandibular orthognathic surgery, orthodontics, or restorative treatment.

If the patient will not accept the first two options, the doctor must develop a functional, restorative occlusal scheme. Dr. Spear offers advice based on his extensive experience. Class III relationship allows the patient to slide into an exaggerated protrusive position without anterior interference. This slide can become habitual. When the patient is restored to normal occlusion, with standard overjet and overbite, this habitual slide will meet a major interference, leading to wear, parafunction, or worse. Dr. Spear suggests that the best occlusal scheme is end-to-end with little-to-no overjet, and minimal anatomy in the posterior. At this point, the patient has maneuverability and stable occlusion.

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