Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Denture Teeth

Last year we began suggesting Pala Mondial® teeth by Heraeus Kulzer for hybrids and overdentures and have noticed improved results. Our decision was prompted by the claim of the manufacturer, as well as prominent institutions, that the teeth are stronger than those of other tooth company’s and that they offer an increased ‘bond’ to acrylic. Thus far we agree. Mondials are also more esthetic than other brands, are compatible with Vita shades, and are preferred by our technicians for set-ups. For these reasons, we are using the Mondial line as our standard, premium tooth. If you would like a mould guide, please visit the denture page of our web site. Shade guides are available by calling our laboratory. Ivoclar BlueLine and Dentsply BioForm are still available.


  1. Joshua Grooms, DDS, draws on extensive experience treating patients with dentures, having built early-career experience as an associate with prominent dental offices such as Aspen Dental. root canal

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