Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Complimentary Shade Service

Calibration Tab
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Many shade-taking systems have come and gone through the years. The challenges with this technology have been cost, provider-support, and effectiveness. ClearMatch, a system we recently launched, is showing promise. It is a software that determines shade, value, and translucency from a chairside photograph. A special black-n-white calibration tab and a Vita A2 shade tab are held edge-to-edge to a target tooth, and a photograph is taken. The image is emailed to ROE and analyzed with the ClearMatch system. Shade, value and translucency maps are printed and provided to the ceramist (figure 1), and returned with the completed case.

The quality of the photograph is critical to the success of the shade analysis. Proper flash and focus are the two key components. We recommend in-office training, which is available to offices throughout Ohio at no charge. If you are interested, please contact Alan Banks at ROE. Complete instructions can also be found on our website at the Shade & Smile Service page along with a link to a thorough YouTube video.

ClearMatch software, developed a dozen years ago, is proving to be very effective. We use it, along with ShadeVision and other tools, when patients visit us for shade analysis.

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