Monday, October 24, 2011

Restorative Sequence - Implant Supported Hybrids & Overdentures

There are multiple steps to fabricate an implant-supported restoration. We thought it might be helpful to provide a list of the appointment sequence. We highly suggest that steps one through six are also followed for splinted implant-borne fi xed restorations.

1 Lab - Create custom trays for open tray impression technique
2 Dentist – Appointment #1 - Capture final impressions with impression posts, x-ray to ensure engagement
3 Lab – Make and return “Fit Verification Jig” and stabilized bite block 

4 Dentist – Appointment #2 -Try-in the Fit Verification Jig to ensure the accuracy of the implant model; x-ray to ensure engagement; register bite. If the jig does not fully seat, section, re-seat, and re-duralay. Take a new open-tray pickup impression of the duralay jig and send to it to the lab for a new model.
Duralay Jig
5 Lab - Mount case and set teeth for try-in
6 Dentist – Appointment #3 - Verify tooth try-in, a reset appointment may be necessary
7 Lab - Fabricate bar and transfer set-up to bar for final try-in or finish
8 Dentist - Appointment #4 - Final seating


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