Monday, October 24, 2011

Hybrid Bar Designs - CAD/CAM

Implant-bar-supported cases have made a comeback in recent years. At ROE, frameworks for hybrids are designed with the latest CAD/CAM technology and milled from solid blocks of titanium. CAD bars are reverse-engineered from a virtual tooth arrangement, allowing our technicians to factor in space for adequate acrylic surrounding the teeth - this means teeth are less likely to ‘pop-out’. Titanium bars are more rigid than cast alloy, are lighter weight, and have higher tinsel strength. They are available at a much lower cost, regardless of the number of implants, and offer more design schemes than traditional alloy bars. Above are four of our popular bar designs. The first three, using ridge contact design, vary in metal exposure and finish line. The fourth, with space between the ridge and the prosthesis, is a more cleansable option. Patient specific designs are available upon request.

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