Monday, December 14, 2015

Staub Cranial Dentures - Receive a Maxillary Set-Up for the Bite Appointment

Since the 70’s Staub Cranial Dentures has delivered tooth set-ups from master casts. Fully edentulous Maxillary and mandibular casts are measured and the recordings are entered into a software. This information instructs technicians where to set the teeth, while a special Staub device articulates the maxillary cast. From these two records, doctors receive a full maxillary set-up and mandibular bite block ready for the bite registration. Once captured, doctors have the option of a full try-in or going directly to finish. This highly successful denture technique will prove itself on 
the first case. If the setup is not ideal, send reset information for another try-in or finish. You’ll agree that this is a big improvement over the traditional two bite block appointment. It is Imperative that shade, gender and age is sent with master casts!

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