Monday, May 6, 2013

A New, Advanced Digital Impression Scanner

The leading CAD-design-software for dental laboratories is 3Shape. Their innovation, creativity and vast capabilities are one of the reasons our laboratory can offer so many restorative solutions. Last year they unveiled their exceptional Trios scanner. It is powder-free and very fast. At the Chicago Midwinter Meeting, we saw individuals scanning their own damp mouths, with amazing speed. The occlusals of a quadrant were scanned as fast as 15 seconds. Just as exciting, the files can be quickly uploaded for laboratory-consultation while the patient is in the chair. The files are easily imported into our iRis system, where many of our restorations are created. Implant restorations can also be easily scanned with scan-bodies, for nearly any system, making implant impressions a breeze.

The cost is a little steep, but if you are in the market for digital impressions, this is a system to consider.

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