Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Photography Update

During a recent seminar we met Dr. Todd Schoenbaum, Assistant Clinical Professor, UCLA, who works closely with Dr. Ed McClaren. He presented some very interesting updates to dental photography.

Nikon d300s
w/ Adjustable Flash
First, current camera body recommendations are the  Nikon D300S, D7000, and D90 as well as Canons 7D, 60D, and the T3i. These cameras offer an ‘ideal balance between resolution, noise and depth of field, and both companies offer excellent flash systems for dental macro photography”.

Second, it is suggested that “advanced users... attach polarizing film over the flash units to reduce glare, adjust specular reflection, and provide a deeper and clearer image of the anterior dentition.”

We posted an article written by both doctors on the smile page of our website. The article offers several more suggestions including specific settings for full face and close-up shots.

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