Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cosmetic Acrylic Mock-up

A diagnostic wax-up is a great tool when discussing the potential of a new smile.  Wouldn’t it be nice also, in a reproduction of the final restoration, to verify all the critical components of anterior esthetics? This is possible by performing an intraoral, reversible, composite build-up.  This procedure, however, is very time-consuming and may result in a less-than-ideal representation of the desired result. ROE offers a “Mock-Up” service, which enables a patient to try-in and visualize the proposed smile quickly and easily. Both form and function can be evaluated prior to tooth preparation.

A “Mock-Up” is created by duplicating the patient’s study model, fabricating a diagnostic wax-up, and reproducing the result of the wax-up on the master model with a very thin acrylic laminate veneer. This replica of the diagnostic wax-up is then placed clinically with try-in paste, or spot-tacked with temporary cement. This disposable laminate is intended for chairside-presentation and evaluation only, and not recommended to be worn outside the dental office. The total cost of this service is $45 per unit, and includes preparation and temporization matrixes for use at the preparation appointment.

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