Thursday, January 19, 2012

Implant Supported Denture Process - Improvments

Within the last six months we have made several improvements in the materials and processes used for screw-down, fixed-detachable hybrid dentures and overdenture cases.

First, to ensure that we are processing at optimal levels we completely updated our premium Ivocap processing system: replaced flasks, injectors and the processing bath. Second, all bar cases are now processed on a separate analog model. Screwing the bar down at processing ensures the best result. Third, we redesigned our CAD/CAM bars and are now placing titanium posts within the long axis of all denture teeth for added tooth support. Fourth, the standard teeth we use in implant-borne removable prosthetics have been changed to Heraeus Kulzer, Mondial and Mondial i Denture Teeth. Research has shown that these teeth have a stronger bond to acrylic. In fact, these teeth are used by ClearChoice Centers and at the Malo Clinic, originators of the All-on-4 process. Finally, we now provide a vacuum-formed night-guard to protect the appliance from nocturnal parafunction. We believe these five improvements have added to the long-term success of our restorations and reduced the maintenance for doctor and patient.


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