Thursday, September 1, 2011

Easy Abutments – How Straumann Solid Abutments are Different

Easy Abutments, such as Zimmer’s Short, Nobel’s Snappy and Straumann Solid Abutments, are popular options due to their ease-of-use and decreased component cost. The simple impression technique works by snapping an implant replica onto the fi nal abutment (placed at surgery), instead of using the traditional impression post. In most systems, the abutment and screw are separate, allowing the abutment to be torqued post transfer. The one-piece Straumann Solid Abutment is different because the abutment does not have an independent screw. The abutment must not be re-tightened at any time after the impression. If it is turned, the impression will not be accurate, and consequently the crown will not fi t. The process for Easy Abutments is straight forward, and the possibility of laboratory error has been virtually eliminated by this implant design.

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  1. Thanks for great info! I use Straumann products a lot but I didn't know that you can use these for reducing the final cost! I'll try that immediately, that's awesome!